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Why do we need to do ARC adjust operation?

0 TUMTEC 2020-12-22 16:32:39

Have you ever been troubled by the continuous decline of its parameters, splicing quality and the inability to determine the appropriate ARC value when splicing?


Why do discharge calibration

Atmosphere like temperature, humidity, air pressure are always changing. This makes the discharging temperature change as well. The machine is equipped with temperature and air pressure sensor which can give feedback to the control system to adjust the discharge intensity to maintain a steady state. Automatic calibration is not suitable for changes caused by the wear of motors and fiber trash adhesion, and the center position of discharging sometimes moves to the left or right. In this condition, the fiber will be shifted relative to the discharge center, ARC calibration will be needed.

The ARC adjust judges the discharge intensity according to the axial deviation before and after the discharge of the splicing part, and automatically corrects it to the standard intensity, so as to achieve low loss and stable fiber splicing.

Attention: Discharge calibration changes the internal condition parameter not the discharging strength in splicing mode.


Under what circumstances do ARC adjust needed:

① When the temperature, humidity, and air pressure of the operating environment change significantly;

② Continuous splicing failure or high loss;

③ Excessive use of electrodes;

④ After cleaning or replacing the electrode;

⑤The fusion splicer has not been used for a long time.

Note: It is recommended to perform discharge calibration for fusion splicing 125um fiber for about 300 times and 400um fiber splicing for about 50 times.


How to perform discharge calibration:

Prepare materials: fiber cleaver, stripper, alcohol, cotton swab, fiber, cotton cloth, etc.


lSelect [ARC calibration] in [system maintenance], display the calibration image.

lPrepare the fiber into fusion splicer, press [set] to start calibration until it shows “completion”, or cleaving the fiber and do it again, don’t exit the discharging calibration page.

Attention: ①ARC calibration should be performed for several times until success.

②The fiber type and fiber cladding length on the left and right sides must be same.




In order to get better and more stable splicing results, it is recommended to do the above calibration frequently and spend a short time to perform the ARC adjust, which can obtain high-quality and stable splicing results, and can achieve twice the result with half the effort and improve work efficiency. Why not do it!

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