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A9 High Precision Fiber Cleaver,

Product Specification:

  • Name: Fiber Optic Cleaver
  • Size: 64*82*60mm
  • Cores: single core
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Tumtec fiber cleaver A9

Precision and durable

The fiber cleaver A9 adopts advanced aluminum alloy material and has high hardness , high precision  performance, can be widely used in various construc- tion occasions.

Cleaver A9 supports a variety of optical fiber cutting, optical fiber placement using a multi-functional three-in-one fixture; stable cutting angle, flat cutting end, and automatic reset after cutting, easy to operate.

table cleaving angle, smooth cleaving end surface,  manual cleaving, automatic reset  after cleaving.

Imported tungsten steel blade  

that can cleaving 48000 times.

Ingenious design of presser foot, lined with elastic   sponge pads, without having to adjust the blade after height drop, it  can still normal use with super   shockproof function .

With Anti-breakage technology ,no longer disconnect the optical fiber when it is in the cold weather .

Equipped with shockproof and anti-fail hard bag, it is more convenient to carry.


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