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Before this ,TUMTEC will tell you something background about fiber fusion splicer.Optical fiber has been in commercial use for about 30 years since the mid-1980s; People now have enough of its benefits. It is widely used around the world, in both developed and developing countries, but it is a challenge for engineers to find a cost-effective splicing device. Most people in the optical fiber industry for many years, know what splicing machine is and how it works, now there are so many optical fiber splicing machine manufacturers and OEM services in the market, and this makes us confused to choose the best splicing machine supplier. Here, we will discuss how to find the best optical fiber splicing machine in the following aspects:

1. Common problems in choosing fusion splicer

2. How to obtain better splicing results

一、 Select fusion machine for common problems

(1)Q: How many brands do you know in the market?

Answer:tumtec, China CLP 41, Germany, sumitomo, fujiakura, Korea inol, dark horse, alock, DVP, gilon, etc.


(2)Q: Price level of splicing machine?


Japan fusion machine: at 20 thousand

Korean optical fiber splicing machine: at 15, 000

China optical fiber splicing machine: 10,000


(3)Q: Type of optical fiber fusion machine:

Answer: single-core optical fiber welding machine, ribbon optical fiber splicing machine, special optical fiber splicing


(4)Q: Different types of splicing machines:

Answer: the principle of splicing machine is the same every time, single-core optical fiber splicing machine can fuse a single fiber core; Ribbon fiber splicing machine is used for splicing2/4/6/8/12 core ribbon fiber splicing.


(5)Q: which type of fiber optic splicing machine has the fastest splicing speed.

Answer: TUMTEC backbone project six-motor fusion splicer V9+.

二、 Better splicing results can be obtained by customers

1)When working with fibers, keep in mind that when using fiber optics that particle size is not visible to the naked eye can cause huge problems. Thoroughly and regularly clean your splicing tool. "Excessive" fiber and tool cleaning will save you time and money on the road.

2) The correct maintenance and operation of optical fiber cleaver. The fiber cutter is your most valuable tool in fiber fusion. A good fiber cutter can perform a good split to the fiber core, which will increase the alignment speed for the splitter, and have good fusion quality, which is a low loss fiber

3)The fusion parameters must be minimally invasive and adjusted methodically (only splicing). If you immediately start changing the fusion parameters on the fuse machine, you may lose the hint that something is wrong with the Settings you want. Dirty equipment should be your first check and will continue with the parameters. Fusion time and fusing current are two key factors of splicing. Different variables of these two factors can produce the same splicing results. High current and low current lead to the same result high current and low time. Make sure to change a variable at the same time and keep checking until you find the correct weld parameters for your fiber type.

As always, the best thing to do is not to have the right equipment to extend further. Keep clean, pollution-free workspaces by regularly cleaning stripping tools, cutting blades and gaskets, v-grooves, camera lenses, mirrors, and splitter suitcases. Comply with safety precautions such as cutting off disposal of sharp container fiber. Regular operator maintenance of the equipment is also important - this includes arc calibration, extreme stability and battery riding, as needed, as well as monitoring fiber cleaver performance and adjusting the blade position of the cutter. Using the manufacturer's original supplies, such as electrodes and cutting blades, will improve the performance of your equipment. Use the accreditation service center to ensure that technical personnel are trained and certified by the manufacturer and the manufacturer's original parts and firmware.

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