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Communicator, guardian of cloud warfare

0 TUMTEC 2020-03-24 10:27:31

The year 2020 is an extraordinary year. The outbreak of novel coronavirus suddenly struck the country and quickly spread across the country, affecting the hearts of people all over the country. In the fight against the epidemic, every day we can see a full of handprints of all kinds of war, resolution, and was moved, but also inspired by those who are fighting in the front line of labor workers, in their bodies, see the hope and confidence to tide over the difficulties.

And let us all people at home can see, know those who pay for the people of the country of the lovely figure, passing the love of our Chinese nation. It is behind the silent support of our communications services correspondence, perhaps talk about the construction of communications technology services, we will think of a service provider, but do not forget to pay quietly in the grass-roots level of a group of respected craftsman - communications people.

Under the epidemic, with the son with the robe. Although correspondents do not shoulder the heavy responsibility of saving lives, but in this war epidemic has been quietly retrograde, contribution. Although the communicators did not make impansive appeals, they also worked conscientiously to build a smooth communication network. Although the communicators were not praised by the media, they also protected the anti-epidemic cause in the silent battlefield of communications.

The first line of communication guardian, solid network security
It is said that "letters from home are worth ten thousand gold". During this extraordinary period of fighting against the epidemic, people all over the country responded positively to the country's order to go out less and stay at home. From the previous flying pigeon transmission to the current 5G communication, we are thousands of miles away, can know each other's situation, and each other safe, to pay New Year's greetings, watch broadband TV and movies, shoot videos, and so on, to relieve people at home boring leisure time.
As well as cloud classroom, cloud conference, cloud live broadcast, so that people stop school and stop network, so that people in the first time, timely and accurate grasp of the dynamic information of the outbreak, scientific response, prevention and control of the outbreak, the correct response.
And 5g video links, allowing experts to provide technical support to different cities without having to be physically present.
As well as the network for hubei, China refueling encouragement, let us unite to fight the outbreak of confidence more firmly and firmly believe that we can overcome.

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