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How to reduce splice loss?!

0 TUMTEC 2021-06-11 14:05:56

NO. 1

The fiber end face is made with a high-precision fiber cleaver, and the quality of the end face directly affects the level of splicing loss. The fiber cleaving end face should not exceed 1 degree. Try to make the cleaving end face less than 0.7 degrees. The end face should be flat and free of burrs and nicks. High-quality fiber cleaver can not only improve the quality of fiber splicing, but also increase the splicing speed.

NO. 2

The workers must strictly follow the procedure to splice with a high-precision fusion splicer. The loss can be tested at the same time, and the splice points which is not meet the requirements should be spliced ​​again. If after several splicings, the loss is still relatively high, a small section of the fiber can be cut off and then splice again.

NO. 3

The working environment of fusion splicer ring machine should be dust-free and dry, and the machine should be placed stably. Do cleaning job before and after splicing, cleaning the fixture, lens, pressure hammer and V-groove’s dust and cladding residue respectively. Correctly adjust the working parameters before splicing.

NO. 4

Fibers of the same batch have the same mode field diameter, which has little effect on the splicing loss. It’s required that the fiber used are bare fibers of the same batch, the order and AB ends of each fiber are marked, and number skipping is prohibited. The deployment should be arranged in the order marked on the optical fiber to ensure that the mode field diameter of the optical fiber fusion splice point is the same.

NO. 5

Optical cable erection is carried out as required. In the installation of optical cable, it is strictly forbidden to make small loops, bend and twist the optical cable. The traction force does not exceed 80% of the allowable fiber optic cable, and the instantaneous maximum traction force does not exceed 100%. The traction force should be added to the fiber optic cable reinforcement. The laying of the optical cable should be strictly in accordance with the construction requirements of the optical cable, so as to minimize the probability of damage to the optical fiber during the construction of the optical cable, and to avoid the increase of the splicing loss caused by the damage of the optical fiber core.


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