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0 TUMTEC 2019-09-08 10:39:00

The 21st China international optoelectronic expo has come to a close. The 4-day exhibition was successfully held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center, during which people from all over the world gathered together. CIOE China light expo is the industry attention optoelectronic exhibition and exchange platform, communication industry has been concerned about the exhibition, most exhibitors choose to launch new products and show new breakthroughs in the exhibition. This time Tumtec in CIOE 2019 exhibition showed two breakthrough new products - fst-q3 optical fiber fusion machine and optical fiber cleaver tc-9s, attracted the attention of visitors at the exhibition, have expressed warm interest in understanding, and entered the booth for test use, booth site filled.

Of the retrospective meeting, leave the cane staff efforts and cooperate with the friends, from show style, product posters, light box, poster design, video promotion to the field staff to visit customers professional and explanation by heart, everything is the best preparation in order to better service to customers, show our friend Mr. Professional style.

In addition to the new fst-q3 and tc-9s fiber splicing machine, fujiyou also exhibited the traditional models, including fiber splicing machine: long-distance trunk six-motor V9/V9mini, fiber core alignment four-motor 83S, FTTH four-motor 16S/16H series, fiber splicing machine: A9, T9+, tc-7s, tc-6s, tc-f8 series.

Rattan friends in this year's CIOE 2019 harvest full, attracted a large number of exhibition business customers stop onlookers, harvested the appreciation of domestic and foreign customers, has been recognized by peer enterprises. On this unprecedented grand exhibition, offer the advanced talents of the communications industry, on the CIOE, not only is the collision of ideas between the optoelectronic industry, technical notes and more cultural exchanges between countries, the introduction of come and go out is good for our study and the spread of culture, rattan friends booth foreign friends, friends in exclamation cane breakthrough innovation at the same time, given the affirmation and support.

According to the feedback from the field staff, the customers in the exhibition know the proportion of the new products and the traditional products of fujiyou, or the new products occupy more. Therefore, on the way forward of the communication industry, there are still many customers who pay attention to fujiyou's innovation and development. The attention of every customer is a kind of incentive for fujiyou. Let's keep moving forward on the road of communication industry, keep advancing on the road of innovation, have the courage to innovate and improve in technology, and escort the communication technicians.

The exhibition is over, but teng you never stop at the front, the future, every breakthrough, epoch-making change, look forward to witness with you. We will meet again in 2020, looking forward to our reunion next year!

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