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Tumtec science lesson two - fiber fusion machine safety tips

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The fusing machine is designed for the connection of quartz glass fibers and belongs to the precision instrument. Should be very careful in carrying and use, so in the use of welding machine should pay attention to the safety regulations and how to protect the system? The following edition takes Tumtec's welding machine as an example, to get to know you.

1  Security warning

◆ Do not use welding in explosive situations at the airport, will not be exposed to flame, electric welding machine, rain or humid environment;

◆ Do not touch the electrode bar of the welder at any time when it is on.

◆ The preparation process of fiber and melt to wear protective glasses, or fiber debris into the eyes, skin or ingested may cause very serious consequences.

◆ In addition to allowing users to replace the parts of the machine manual statement in the melt, not without any disassembly parts welding machine.

2  Battery precautions

◆ When the welding opportunity is as follows, remove the battery immediately.

- Smoke, odor, noise or abnormal heating;

- The liquid and foreign matter enter into the welder.

- The machine is damaged or broken.

If you encounter these faults, please contact the maintenance center immediately.

◆ Only battery adapters for manufacturers are used. Do not place heavy objects on the power cord. Do not heat or change the power cord. Improper or damaged power lines may cause smoke, electric shock and equipment damage, or even fire, human injury or death.

◆ When charging batteries, do not stack batteries and adapters together to avoid fire or danger.

◆ Welder is not used for more than one month. It is recommended that battery pack be separated from machine for storage.

◆ Do not place the battery with metal with transport or storage;

Please don't charge for a long time, in the low or high temperature environment discharge, so as not to reduce the battery life or accident;

◆ Prohibit the use of metal objects such as wires connecting batteries;

◆ The aluminum layer packaging plastic film material from the anode or the cathode and battery electric core phase short-circuit;

◆ The battery is a consumable, have a certain life. When checking the battery power, the battery indicator lights are all on, but the working time of the welder is very short. Please replace the battery.

◆ When the battery pack is charged by the power adapter, the power adapter should be disconnected in time, and the full battery will be in the power supply state for a long time, which will cause great damage to the battery and may cause unexpected incidents.

◆ Prohibited in the fire or hot environment to charge the battery;

◆ It is forbidden to use or place batteries for a long time at high temperature (such as in a car with strong sunshine or very hot weather), otherwise it will cause overheating, fire or functional deterioration of batteries and reduce their service life.

3  Maintenance and protection

◆ Regularly check the V slot, clean V groove, avoid the use of hard objects to clean V groove and the electrode rod;

◆ Use dry cloth to clean the dust and dirt splicer;

◆ If the outside of the welder is dirty, avoid using acetone, paint diluent, clean any part of the welder can use soft cloth immersed in diluted neutral cleaning solution, and the liquid will be cut out and cleaned. Use dry cloth to dry the welder, but do not use furniture polishing or other cleaners.

4  Transportation and storage

◆ Don't be too large or humid environment in the dust storage welding machine. Otherwise, electric shock may occur, the performance of the welder will be reduced or even the equipment will be damaged.

◆ Relative humidity should be less than 95%.

◆ When the welding machine from a cold environment to carry warm environment, try to take a gradual heating mode, otherwise the instrument will produce internal condensation, have an adverse impact on the instrument;

◆ It is necessary to avoid strong impact and vibration when transporting, and special carrying boxes are used for long-distance transportation.

◆ Avoid direct sunlight or overheating.

◆ In order to maintain the performance of welder, it is suggested that the whole machine be maintained once a year.

5  Check the dust

Welding machine by imaging to detect optical fiber, camera, lens on the effect of the observation results and dust may lead to poor welding results and dirt, dust check function can check whether the dust on the optical channel and will affect the quality of connection to the investment judgment.

Operation steps

◆ Select [Dust Check] in [System Maintenance].

◆ If the optical fiber is placed in the welder, remove the optical fiber and press the [SET] key to start the dust inspection.

◆ If dust is found in the test, the screen will prompt [fail to execute] and show the location of the dust. Clean the objective lens and do the dust check again until the screen prompts you to finish.


6  Discharge correction

Atmospheric environment such as temperature, humidity and air pressure are always changing, which makes the discharge temperature also changing. The machine is equipped with temperature and pressure sensors, which can feedback the parameters of the external environment to the control system to adjust the discharge intensity to maintain a stable state. However, the change of discharge intensity caused by motor wear and fiber debris adhesion can not be automatically corrected, and the position of discharge center sometimes moves left or right. In this case, the fusion position of the optical fiber will be offset from the discharge center, and a primary discharge correction is needed to solve these problems.

Operation steps

◆ The [maintenance] choice [ discharge correction], display discharge calibration screen.

◆ Prepare the optical fiber and put it into the fusing machine. Start discharging correction according to [SET] until the prompt is completed. Otherwise, re-cut the optical fiber for discharging correction, and do not quit the discharging correction page during the period.

Note: Discharge correction requires repeated operations to be successful.


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