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The Usage of Multi Functional Fiber Holder

0 TUMTEC 2021-03-25 10:37:23

Fusion splicer is equipped with multi functional fiber holder, which will be convenient  for splice, no need to change fiber holder frequently and increase efficiency.

With the upgrade of fusion splicer, Tumtec fiber holders are multifunctional and suitable for various kinds of fibers like bare fiber, pigtail, drop cable etc. Tumtec fiber holder can support different diameters of drop cable and pigtail location, can make splice directly.

For multifunctional fiber holder, we shall control well the distance during fiber loading. Here below are the introduction about the alignment of multifunctional fiber holder

Firstly, please reserve 3mm coating after striping fiber: around 3mm coating is required on the fiber. Pls use three hold stripper to strip off the PVC and the coating, but need to reserve 3mm coating

Secondly, please make the coating end against the holder end during cutting

Thirdly, please load fiber: please make coating end against the fiber holder end during fiber loading.

This is to make sure the length from V-groove to electrodes are properly, make sure the fiber movement are within range during motor pushing fiber holder and guarantee the splice quality.

Fiber cutting

If it is drop cable, please use drop cable stripper to peel off the drop cable and use three-hole stripper to strip off the coating. 

If it is pigtail, please use three-hole stripper to peel off the yellow PVC.

If it is bare fiber, please use the smallest hole of three-hole stripper to peal off the coating.

Please use alcohol and cotton cloth to clean the fiber, then cut the fiber with fiber cleaver and load it in fiber holder of fusion splicer, then can make splice.

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