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“Teach You to Choose“ Series - How to Choose Optical Fiber Fusion Machine

0 TUMTEC 2019-04-11 17:03:00

The full name of cost-performance ratio is performance-price ratio, which is a proportional relationship between performance and price. It is based on the same performance and more affordable products.

Anyone who knows about the optical fiber fusion machine knows that this is a personalized "character lover"!

Fiber fusing machine is a high-tech, precision instrument and mechanical product with high comprehensive quality, high cost and high specificity. It is designed for the connection of quartz glass fibers and can not be used for any other purpose.

Therefore, when choosing to buy, people will focus on the performance-price ratio, as one of the reasons for optimum selection, worried about the long time to use after purchase, aging machines, low efficiency, so durable, high efficiency, tenacious optical fiber fusion machine is more popular and loved by people, after all, optical fiber fusion machine is "expensive luxury"!So in this "kaleidoscope" market, how to choose a high cost-effective and practical optical fiber fusion machine?

See the body

Nowadays, in the era of facial value, products are no exception; they should not only look good, but also be lightweight, convenient and have a solid shell; optical fiber welders often work in harsh environments, so the "compressive" ability is essential;Tumtec Fiber Fusion Machine has a metal fuselage, a solid shell, and a strong ability to resist falling; a solid four-legged base design, the anti-seismic effect is excellent, and there is no need to worry about falling from high places; adjustable large screen touch screen applications, but also bring great convenience to users in operation.

Low power consumption, high performance

Tumtec Fiber Fusion Machine adopts industrial-grade Euquadrinuclear CPU (main frequency 1.4 GHz), which guarantees the excellent quality of low power consumption and high performance.Large capacity batteries up to 6800 mA, strong endurance, 340 times of welding heating, average single welding heating energy consumption less than 20 mA/time, micron parallel clamping, high precision alignment algorithm of spindle and advanced contour direct vision technology ensure the accuracy of welding loss estimation.Optical fiber fusing machine can also self-adapting discharge, according to the pressure and external temperature automatic regulation, super automaticity, for the communication of a lot of heart-saving; windproof cover four (windproof, waterproof, freezing, shockproof) excellent performance, when two optical fibers are fused, it is a super-strong protection place.

Look at "Connotation"

  1. Running speed: 3 seconds start, 6 seconds weld, 15 seconds heating effect, work efficiency is very high.
  2.  Clear screen display: double-click can focus and magnify 500 times the effect, and the welding process is clearly visible.
  3. Good welding place: V-groove design, more accurate core alignment; 3 high-power LED lights, no trouble in dark operation; 90 degree dual camera, welding record more comprehensive.

Public comment

Real feedback from Pakistani users shows that FST-16S welders are often used in harsh outdoor environments, such as alpine snow and high altitude areas. They have been used for more than a year, and the quality of use is still good.

Real Feedback (83A) of Foshan Construction Team, due to the different construction sites, easy to carry has become one of our preferred reasons. Tumtec optical fiber fuse fuselage is light and easy to carry; stable four-foot base design can become a workbench anytime and anywhere, with high efficiency; long-term work, fusion is still stable, and operation speed is very fast.

Since its launch, Tumtec products have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions around the world, and have received unanimous praise from Chinese and even global telecommunication engineering enterprises.owadays, Tumtec is one of the most comprehensive optical fiber fusion machine manufacturers in the world. It has developed into a benchmark for the industry of China's well-known professional manufacturers, optical fiber fusion machines and optical fiber cutting knives. Tumtec is more secure, more reassuring and more reassuring in choosing Tumtec.

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