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【Video Collection】Various kind of Tumtec Fusion Splicer Available

0 TUMTEC 2020-09-21 16:23:49

Tumtec fusion splicer with various kinds of model, covering for backbone, MAN, FTTX, meet different market demands.  


Tumtec fusion splcier high-end configuration/advantages

The fusion splicer adopts newly design and advanced manufacturing technology, Micron level parallel clamping, precise alignment and advanced profile direct vision technique to make sure the accuracy of estimated splice loss

Fast Operation

3s to turn on, 6s to splice, 15s to heat, the fusion splicer can automatically adjust according to air pressure and temperature

Convenient operation

Smart GUI image operation system, concise and simple operation menu, compact V-groove, simple fiber splice operation, accurate fiber tracking, good splice and low loss  

Adapt to various altitude and harsh environment

Dust-proof, water-proof, high temperature resistance, adapting to various altitude and harsh environment




 Looking at pictures is never fun. Click on the video below to get the full picture

01 Handheld fusion splicer

Handheld fusion splicer FST-Q3


02 FTTH fusion splicer



Tumtec fusion splicer FST-16S


Tumtec fusion splicer FST-18H



03 MAN & Backbone fusion splicer



Core alignment fusioni splicer FST-83A

04 Backbone fusion splicer

Backbone fusion splicer V9+


Backbone fusion splicer V9 Mini


Newly developed ribbon fusion splicer FST-12R

05 Ribbon fusion splicer

Ribbon fusion splicer FST-12R


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